Andrew Davison

Curriculum Vitae

Position: อาจารย์

Office: Room R212
Department of Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Prince of Songkla University
Hatyai, Songkhla, 90112

Tel: +66 (0)74 211030

Fax: +66 (0)74 212895




  • B.Sc., (honored) Computing, 1983 UMIST, UK.
  • M.Sc., Computer Science, 1985 Lehigh, USA.
  • Ph.D., Computer Science, 1989 Imperial, UK.


  • Lehigh University: Teaching assistant in FORTRAN and numerical methods.
  • Imperial College: 1985 – June 1991 : I tutored various undergraduate and Masters computing courses, including ones on logic programming (LP), databases principles, and software engineering. From September 1987, I was employed as a research assistant, which included the supervision of two Master projects. For two years, I helped teach a Masters course on concurrent LP.
  • University of Melbourne: July 1991 – September 1996. My lecturing duties involved teaching first, second, and Honours level students. The subjects included C, C++, UNIX tools, functional programming, comparison of programming paradigms, sequential and concurrent LP. I supervised one Ph.D student, co-supervised another, and supervised three Masters student. Other duties: first year coordinator, orientation week organizer for the department (4 times).
  • PSU, Thailand: October 1996 – September 1998. Teaching included UNIX, network programming, advanced C, Java, and software engineering. I co-supervised two Masters students, and several Honours projects. One of the Masters students won a NECTEC Award. Other duties: helped with the revision of the undergraduate syllabus, and gave advice on the new Masters programme.
  • AIT, Thailand: October 1998 – December 1999. Teaching included: client/server distributed systems, and operating systems. I supervised two Masters students, and was on the program committees for several other Masters and Ph.D students. I remain an Adjunct Faculty member, and returned to AIT for two month in 2000 to teach a Masters course.
  • Rangsit University, Thailand: October 1998 – December 1999. I taught a course called “Theory of Programming Languages” three times during the year.
  • PSU, Thailand: December 1999 – present. Teaching duties have included: “Introduction to Java”, “Mathematics for Computer Engineering”, “Client/Server Distributed Systems”, "Computer Programming Techniques", and “Advanced UNIX Programming” for undergraduate students. I was a guest lecturer in the software engineering course, talking about UML. I taught an advanced Java course, centered around J2EE, to the Masters students. I am currently supervising eight final year undergraduate students in their project work.

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Papers and Publications :

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